SIMBA - explore the behavior of your favorite gene or sets of genes
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The SIMBA yeast site allows interactive exploration of a large scale compendium of data from diverse high throughput experiments. You can explore the behavior of your favorite gene or sets of genes, compare the activity of various functional modules in different experimental conditions or test the relations between gene expression programs, protein interactions and transcription factor binding profiles.
SIMBA's algorithm divides genes and properties (usually one time point or condition in an experiment such a DNA microarray) into Bi- clusters ("bics") composed of genes and properties such that the genes behave similarly in that group of conditions. Bics may overlap (in genes, conditions, or both), and a gene may be present in several bics, as it may be similar to one group of genes under conditions A-G and to a different set of genes under conditions H-M. Properties may be anything obtainable from genome-wide experiments: level of RNA expression, does or does not interact physically, does or does not interact genetically, is it or is it not resistant/sensitive to a certain drug, etc.

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